Some quotes from Buddha about staying zen

Some quotes from Buddha about staying zen

For five centuries before our era, a man named Siddhartha Gautama has reached enlightenment and decided to travel to eastern India to learn wisdom. He changed so many lives that he ended up being called "Buddha" which means "illuminated" in Sanskrit. His teaching has always been done orally and his life story was only written after a hundred years after his death.

Like Prem Rawat, Buddha worked on peace both internally and externally. He had said important things about it that are worth knowing.

Here are some quotes from Buddha to access peace and stay zen

"He who is master of himself is greater than he who is master of the world"

It is obvious that happiness does not come from material things or the amount of wealth that a person has acquired. You can have everything such as wealth or glory but all this is not sure to make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind that resides in each of us, no matter our position in society. Whoever succeeds in being one with himself, as a Buddha when he has reached enlightenment, will be more delighted than one who seeks to have everything.

"The great gain is to give to others. The biggest loss is to receive without gratitude"

As it is said in the Bible "it is better to give than to receive". Indeed, giving is a virtue; generosity is a great value that is being forgotten in today's world. Of course, there are still some people who can give freely but the others want a payback.

If only everyone could bear in mind the fact that giving freely can make you happy, the world would look different. The mere idea of knowing that one has contributed to something good, for example by giving to the poor, provides an immense joy.

On the other hand, if we give and we expect that we receive then, we could be disappointed. And it's that sense of disappointment that makes life difficult and frustrating. The party who receives, however, has to be grateful for what they have been given.

Unfortunately, too many are those who take things for granted and forget to thank. That may put an end to the generosity of the giver and therefore a loss for the receiver.

"The fool who recognizes his folly is, in truth, wise. Whereas the fool who thinks he is wise is really mad"

It is better to acknowledge one's wrongs than to be persuaded to be right. A great wise man said, "You do not learn anything from life if you think you're always right". It is by failing that one learns from one's mistakes. The feeling of being always right, even if you are in total blur, can be dangerous. It can cause you to boast for nothing and people to look down on you.

"Peace comes from within. Do not look for it outside"

Still in the context of a fulfilling life, happiness is not based on what we have, but what we are. To remain happy and at peace, one must first learn to be at peace with oneself. This consists of: 

  • Freeing oneself from anger, 
  • Overcoming your fears, 
  • Accepting oneself as one is, 
  • Being self-confident.

As Prem Rawat said, "When people find peace, the world will be at peace"; Peace comes first from everyone, from the inside. That's how we can influence the world and not the other way around. How can we lead the world to peace if we ourselves are not at peace?